Stopcock: What It Is, Its Function And How To Take Care Of It

A stopcock is a plumbing appliance better known as the stop valve, stop tap or the main water shut off valve. It is designed to stop the flow of water completely. Thus it comprises a handle, a spindle with a rubber washer and round brass opening on which the spindle rests upon. Due to its coarse nature of water confinement, the stopcock is restricted to use in on/off situation rather than progressively controlling the flow of water.

Given the nature of the appliance, stopcocks are specifically used to cut off the supply of water to properties. Ideally, each property should have a minimum of two stopcocks. One stopcock is installed on the branch line, right after the connection from the main line. Typically, this stopcock is installed outside one’s property. Plumb Spares Direct offers wide variety of stopcock in great range.

The other stopcock is installed within the premises. It provides a means to cut off the supply of water from the main line in emergency cases. Every modern home has one typically located under the sink. However, there are properties that do not have a stopcock within their premises. This is typical of older houses, where the property development rules did not stipulate a stopcock be installed within the premises of property. In instances, where you cannot locate your stopcock, you should seek the services of professional plumb spares direct plumbers as they are as better equipped and more experienced in locating stop valve.

Stop Valve Maintenance

Considering the importance this appliance, it is paramount for every homeowner to ensure that it is working efficiently and consistently. One great tip with regards to stopcock is to turn it on and off once in a while. Remaining in one position may cause the tap to seize, rendering impossible to use.

Additionally, if the lifespan of the stopcock is exceeded, you should consider replacing it to ensure that you one that works efficiently.