Social Experiment: Would You Sell Your Dog for $100,000?

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No amount of money will get the majority of people to offer their pets. Are you surprised?

You Tube character BigDawsTV remained in Chicago recently, conducting a social experiment.

Suppose he went up to arbitrary pet owners as well as asked them to purchase their dog for $100,000?

Although he’s a little unsubstantiated, (that would certainly purchase a canine for that sort of money with good intents?) he shows that the love individuals have for their pet dogs is strong. With the exception of Bernie’s proprietor … he seemed pretty fast to fall for the trick. Yet maybe he was drawing the host’s leg (we can wish). Everyone else said never to the cash pretty quickly, also walking away promptly as well as suspiciously.

Lots of Youtubers criticized the trick saying that BigDaws was a little weird as well as the reality that any person would certainly bring $100k with them in a bag is unsubstantiated. But the message is clear: Pet dog people love their puppies and nothing might interpose them, also chilly hard cash money.

Can you envision? Not only would you always have to live with the truth that you sold your canine for something as momentary as cash, however you would be damaging your pet dog’s heart too. Your abandoned dog would watch you leave, holding a strange briefcase full of … paper, while he permanently coped with a stranger. He would never comprehend why he would certainly never see you once more.

I am wrecking simply considering it.

The bonds individuals make with their canines are unlike any other. Share if you agree.

Would certainly you offer your canine for $100,000? Tell us in the comments listed below.

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