Protect pets: Report animal cruelty, neglect through weather –

It’s against the law to make a pet outside with no shield when temperatures fall below freezing, according to Corpus Christi Animal Care Services (CCACS). It’s considered animal cruelty in case your pet is left outside without shelter in temperatures.

If you see this occur to some pet, take note of all information: where your pet has been discovered, date and location. Report this info to CCACS by phoning -LRB-361-RRB- 826-2489. There is an informational part on animal neglect and abuse on their site.

The ideal thing to do to almost any pet in the chilly weather: keep them indoors.

There are also important cold weather safety tips to help keep your pet from undergoing any health issues during the winter months, like not bathing or grooming your pets as frequently in the winter months.

“Longer hair for those animals which need to stay outside or maybe even in an area not as hot like a garage,” Rob Perkins using Tejas Veterinary Clinic said. “That hair is there for a point, you understand, and it may have, protect skin in the wind and out of the cold flashes that they get”

Dogs burn more energy in the cold, therefore it is strongly recommended that owners keep pet’s bellies complete.

Nutrition builds energy and so energy consumed, they can create some heat,” Perkins explained. “So a puppy that’s in good body shape is gonna adapt to the negative temperatures much much better than a puppy who is skinny and does not have any energy reserve.”

Additionally, it is advisable to wash dry your pets after being outside and in the situation you need to leave your pet outside, be certain that the puppy is conscious of drafts and has plenty of bedding to stay warm.