Pets for adoption in Augusta Animal Services (12.14.17)

Ace isn’t merely good looking with a gorgeous coat but intelligent too!

Frosty advised me of Jack Frost from last week. She’s a perfect puppy!

This man is loveable and handsome! Good dog!

This man is fun! He has a terrific personality and looks very trainable. He loves to fetch! He does not need to be crated but he will make a great best friend.

This three-year-old on account of all his cute wrinkles has an great disposition. He was good on the leash and also sticks.

Mocha is currently prepared to be adopted. She’s recorded as a Carolina/Chihuahua combination and also a year old. She’s calm and a little nervous.

Frankie is quite friendly and is recorded as three years old. He walks nicely on a leash and knows orders. He gets worried when crated and about a lot of people at Petsmart but this man is super!

Powder will make a perfect companion! I can’t think he’s still here. He is recorded around a year old.

Percy is an active, happy man looking for love! He is about annually.

Pepper’s owners moved. Pepper is trained and is quite friendly to everybody! Please adopt this fantastic woman! She’s recorded as a year old.

Oliver is quite energetic and enjoys games and exercise. He is a good deal of fun and incredibly loving!

Millie is heartworm positive but don’t let this prevent you from adopting this sweet woman!

Jazzy ought to be adopted! She was surrendered because her owner proceeded. She loves kids and is very well-behaved!

Hadley was returned as her owner had to move for work. She’s a wonderful dog. She does not like other dogs, especially big ones. She’s housebroken, loves to go on walks, and wants to ride in the car. Please think about giving this old woman a new house! Hadley is six years old.

Gi is extremely friendly, playful, and quite the cherry. She adores humans but cats and little animals.