Two Autos Survive 12 Months in County Animal Shelter

“If a miracle occurs enjoys this, we simply want to perform backflips!” , Marybeth Rathbun, the Co-Founder of Rescue Me GA, published on Facebook. Preventing Me GA (RMG) had just rescued two brothers, dogs, that were at a county shelter as September 2014. Two ensured dogs residing 12 months at a high-kill county animal shelter is really rare and incredible, if not amazing. The dogs arrived into animal management in September 2014, later being discovered as dogs.   They were picked up by a couple who maintained them for a short time but were afterwards surrendered to the county animal shelter once the couple went. The two dogs sat in their conduct for weeks, only staring towards the street as if expecting someone to return to get them. Nobody did, and below is where they lived for an entire year!

Why would this story be considered a wonder? First, think about how things operate in county animal shelters. After dogs have been surrendered by an owner, their grip period (time period where shelters legally have to continue to keep an animal before they could euthanize them) is extremely short — for many shelters it is just a few days. However, the county shelters try to maintain the animal so long as they could in hopes of re-homing the animal, and they may even attempt to send some to no-kill pet rescue associations. But for rural county lands where furry intakes are high and space is limited, there may be no choice but to euthanize those animals when their period is up, therefore they could make space for more animals coming. It’s a sad, sad cycle.

Obviously, the Jasper County Animal Control team should have seen something quite special in both of these dogs to have given them a lengthy stay. RMG also maintained a close eye on these, and might have liked to have saved them earlier. But RMG is a foster-based company and does not own a facility of their own. Marybeth shared with us “It’s hard finding a perfect home for a dog that’s part ‘bully’ breed — but two is even harder. Also, if they were not so reliant on one another, it might have been simpler. But we could NOT separate them”   Both of these dogs share such a powerful bond that they whimper when they aren’t touching and are just like twins, doing everything the identical manner.

So the dogs appeared and waited….

Their Time Is Up

After 12 weeks, the time had run out for the two brothers in the refuge and they had been scheduled to be euthanized. But fate would intervene.   A donor, who also appears to be a RMG volunteer, then awakened and told RMG to find the dogs from the shelter — they would help determine where to house and how to take care of the dogs.

After being rescued they have been given new names — Ranger and Scout. Next, they went straight to Unleashed at Dunwoody, Ga for bathrooms and fresh doggie supplies. The dogs were given fresh harnesses, toys, chewies and collars. As you can imagine, it was just like seeing “children in a candy store”. During the bathrooms, they tried to set them in separate tubs but the brothers would not have a thing to do with that — they’re always side by side.

Picking out toys and treats.
Ranger and Scout enjoy a car trip.
Rescue Me Ga Adoption Coordinator, Susie Lane, giving Ranger and Scout a tub.

Heartbreak — They’re Separated

After the tub and purchasing spree, they had been shot into the boarding facility, where both brothers were to be temporarily placed. But then came some unexpected news. “Here’s the heartbreaking part”, stated Marybeth. She furthered explained that the boarding facility has a rigorous policy. They won’t permit any dogs using pitbull in these together. “So we stood and cried from the lobby and cried”, said Marybethsaid But the boarding facility would not change their heads — the two brothers were put in separate kennels.

Daily Trips to Run and Walk With

The situation is not ideal, but the dogs are secure. Hopefully a foster home can be discovered soon so that Ranger and Scout could be collectively. In the meantime, Susie and Patrick Lane both generous donors who initiated this rescue, are currently making daily trips to the kennel. Each day they choose Ranger and Scout to the Chattahoochee River to walk and run.     Susie told me “they are incredibly smart, and they understand how to sit on command and never have learned ‘leave it’.”   These are two extremely sweet dogs who would just like to please….and they adore children!

Can You Foster Or Die?

RMG is working urgently to get a foster to shoot them both and allow them to lay side by side again. Or better yet a forever home.   Both dogs are fully vetted and neutered.

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Teen Has Seizure When Stranger Pets Service Dog

Hailey Ashmore has several ailments, such as: asthma, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, reactive hypoglycemia, severe allergies, gastroparesis, and epilepsy.

The 16-year-old out of Dallas, TX  relies on the support of her service   puppy, Flynn.

According to Fetching Apparel, Hailey was a warrior on the varsity drill team, student council member, violinist and also her group of at the top. But with her requirements progressing, Hailey could take courses online.

“To receive a service you have to be disabled to the point where you can’t work at a standard quality of life without the aid of service dogs,” said Hailey.

“It takes around two years of intense coaching and tens of thousands of dollars (if you proprietor train) to really be able to predict your pet a pet. A service dog will go anyplace its handler goes, with the exception of a sterile environment like an operating room or burn unit, even a spiritual building — like a church, or some federal buildings,” she explained.

A service dog’s task is quite valuable to its human. See why Hailey is pleading with strangers to make them stop   petting her puppy without permission.

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That is Hailey Ashmore and her service dog, Flynn.

This is Hailey Ashmore and her service dog, Flynn.

Hailey has had Flynn because he was a itty-bitty puppy.

Hailey has had Flynn since he was an itty-bitty puppy.

Needless to say, it was love at first sight.

Needless to say, it was love at first sight.

Hailey also combats with several ailments. “I have epilepsy, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, reactive hypoglycemia, severe allergies, gastroparesis, asthma, and much more,” Hailey told Fetching Apparel.

Hailey also struggles with several conditions. “I have epilepsy, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, reactive hypoglycemia, severe allergies, gastroparesis, asthma, and more,” Hailey told Fetching Apparel.

Flynn is not only a friend — he is Hailey’s support dog. Flynn can sense when Hailey is going to have a seizure until it occurs. This gives time to Hailey find a secure location, get help, and to react.

Flynn isn't just a friend — he is Hailey's service dog. Flynn can sense when Hailey is going to have a seizure before it happens. This gives Hailey time to respond, get help, and find a safe place.

One day, Hailey was seeing her father at work. A team member couldn’t resist how cute he is when she came with Flynn. They began to pet him, blowing off the giant “STOP” signal that he wears. “I immediately told him to stop [petting Flyyn],” Hailey advised the Dodo.

One day, Hailey was visiting her dad at work. When she arrived with Flynn, a staff member could not resist how adorable he is. They began to pet him, ignoring the giant "STOP" sign he wears. "I immediately told him to stop [petting Flyyn],” Hailey told the Dodo.

“The only time someone should ever strategy Flynn and I’m if I am unconscious and/or with a seizure. Besides that, nobody needs to try to pet or get near him. I wish people could comprehend that’s exactly what the giant stop sign patch signifies. If he is distracted by someone I can get severely hurt. If you see a service dog public please instruct your kids, your loved ones, your friends, anybody else that they are currently doing a job. Thank you.”

While Flynn was diverted from the courthouse, Hailey had a seizure. “I am used to him 10 minute warnings, so when he alerted that’s exactly what I thought I had,” explained Hailey. “Out of nowhere I remember the entire world going black. I awakened along with my legs with Flynn and my father. On the whole left side of the head there was a terrible sting that made me tear up.”

While Flynn was distracted from the petting, Hailey had a seizure. “I am used to him giving me 10 minute warnings, so when he alerted that’s what I thought I had,” explained Hailey. “Out of nowhere I remember the world going black. I woke up with Flynn on top of my legs and my father cradling my head. On the whole left side of my face there was a terrible sting that made me tear up.”

Hailey awakened with carpet burns on her head.

Hailey woke up with rug burns on her head.

“My pet is my lifeline. I do not say this to be cute. He helps keep me living like life support. If he has diverted this occurs. If he has distracted I can die. Do not pet service dogs. Do not call to service dogs. Do not taunt service dogs. Do not speak to support dogs. Do not do anything. Thank you,” she composed Instagram.

Many of us are so keen to contact animals, we often forget that they are protecting their individual. Let’s be aware of other people’s animals and learn something from the other’s mistake!

Many of us are so eager to connect with animals, we often forget that they are protecting their human. Let's learn something from another's mistake and be more mindful of other people's animals!

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Do Kate and William Have Pets?

Meet with Their Dog, Lupo!

The couple English cocker spaniel, Lupo, has been around longer than William and Kate’s children have been. A representative to the couple would not even confirm the pooch’s name , when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were spotted walking along a beach with all the pup in tow in 2012. “It is a personal thing,” that spokesman stated, per . It wasn’t long until we found out the adorable pooch’s name is Lupo, though. Lupo’s mother is a dog possessed by Kate’s parents, Ella, and he is allegedly named after the paternal great-grandmother of Kate.

In 2013, Lupo made headlines if reported he was persona non grata at the royal Christmas at Sandringham that year. “The Queen made it very clear Lupo was not on the guest list,” a source told the newspaper. “The Duchess is particularly fond of the pup and was so sad he could not accompany them. He had to sit out at her parents’ house in Berkshire.”

Nevertheless, the individuals surely do, even if the Queen doesn’t adore Lupo. That same year, the noted the interest in black cocker spaniels — along with thefts of black cocker spaniels — had risen in the months since Lupo’s introduction. Plus, the puppy is the star of a children’s book collection by Aby King, together with titles such as Lupo and the Secret of Windsor Castle along with Lupo and the Theif at the Tower of London. And Lupo also has his own Wikipedia entry!

Lupo isn’t the only pet as Kate informed a guest at the launch of the Magic Garden, the William and Kate own, though. “She stated she had a hamster,” a subsequently nine-year-old girl named Darcey informed “And Princess Charlotte really likes it because the whiskers always tickle her face.” Let us just hope Lupo along with the hamster, Marvin, get together!

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Pets for adoption at Augusta Animal Services (12.11.17)

Nina, Natalie, along with Nelly, pictured, are sweet siblings.

Pictured, Natalie, and Nelly are sweet siblings.

Noel is ready to celebrate the holiday season.

Landon has a excellent character and is a year and a half !

Pickles is calm and extremely small with a personality!

Natalie, pictured, and Nelly are sweet siblings.

Merry is little but ready to brighten your life!

Leah is two years old and beautiful.

Rocky is composed and lovely and loves other dogs.

Abraham, pictured, and Ashton are all brothers.

Ashton and Abraham, pictured, are all brothers.

Jack Frost is a puppy that is wise!

Tilly would like to snuggle with you and is a year old!

Nicolae is a love bug! He includes one brown eye and a blue and wants belly rubs shadow.

Powder will earn a perfect companion! Shocked that he is available!

Frankie is happy and extremely friendly pet. He walks on a leash and knows controls. He gets worried when crated and about a lot of action.

Since they weren’t ready for the responsibility with full-time jobs.This is a excellent mix Ian was returned! Sweet boy!

Percy is a guy that is joyful, active.

Capone is good and a gentle giant on a leash!

Crystal is a year old and she’s curious, pleasant, and big.

Pepper’s owners proceeded. Pepper is house trained and is quite friendly to everybody! Please embrace!

Oliver is happy go lucky and incredibly energetic! He loves exercise and might need a fenced lawn. He is a whole lot of fun and loving!

Millie is a girl and his heartworm positive.

Addie is 10 weeks old and can steal your soul!

Lola ought to be adopted!!! This dog is our girl on Washington Road. She is amazing and I want her to own a house for the holiday!

Jazzy ought to be adopted! She was surrendered because her owner proceeded. She loves children and is!

Jazzy ought to be adopted! She was surrendered because her owner proceeded. She loves children and is!

GiGi Is very lively, and a social butterfly. She loves everyone but tiny animals and cats.

“Glo” is exceptional and cannot believe she has not found her residence!