NFL Honors Michael Vick, Man Who Tortured And Killed Dogs For Fun | Michael Stone

Despicable: Outrage builds after the NFL announces plans to honor Michael Vick, a former NFL quarterback who killed and tortured dogs for fun.

In a bizarre decision the NFL recently announced that Vick would be one of four honorary captains for the 2020 Pro Bowl game.

As one might imagine, dog lovers and other reasonable people were outraged at the NFL’s foolish decision to honor this cruel and despicable monster.

For those who do not recall, Vick made headlines in 2007 when he was arrested and charged for running an illegal dog fighting ring on his property in Surry County, Virginia. After making a deal with prosecutors, Vick was eventually found guilty of one count of killing dogs and one count of promoting dog fighting, and served a 23-month prison sentence for his crimes.

Given the severity of his crimes, and the deliberate brutality and cruelty involved, Vick got off easy. When initially busted, Vick denied direct responsibility for the torture and killing of multiple dogs, but after evidence mounted, Vick changed his tune, and admitted that he directly participated in the  torture and killing of multiple dogs.

Vick thought it was fun to watch his pit bull dogs injure or kill other dogs, and often used family pets as bait for his dogs.

When unsatisfied with his dogs’ performance, Vick would execute the animals in cruel fashion, sometimes shooting them, sometimes hanging them, and sometimes electrocuting them.

And he enjoyed it. He enjoyed watching the animals suffer; he enjoyed torturing dogs; he enjoyed making dogs fight to the death; he enjoyed killing dogs. In short, the man is a cruel and reprehensible monster, and he should not be honored by the NFL.

The following is a sample of social media reactions to the news that the NFL would be honoring Vick:

Man, fuck Michael Vick and FUCK the @NFL for letting him be a pro bowl captain. How can you give this man a platform after the cruel and inhumane way he treated animals?

— Kim Noble (@hey0itskho) December 5, 2019

It will continually be amazing to me how Colin Kapernick was treated and shunned versus how Michael Vick has been treated and lauded.
Standing up for injustice of peoples versus running a dog fighting ring where precious dogs were brutalized.

For anyone supporting Michael Vick serving as a 2020 pro bowl captain please read this. It’s sickening and unforgivable.

— Kehli (@kehli_lan) December 5, 2019

Michael Vick didn’t just fight dogs. Witnesses say he had a DIRECT hand in their torture and killings of the dogs. He laughed when throwing family dogs into the ring with fighter dogs. When did the NFL lose their morals? He shouldn’t be a fucking pro bowl captain honoree.

— T. (@thamaraom) December 5, 2019

In response to the incomprehensible decision to honor Vick, several petitions have sprung up asking the NFL to reverse their morally indefensible decision.

In fact, two separate petitions are getting a great deal of attention. has received over 150,000 signatures; while has over 230,000 signatures.

Bottom line: In a morally reprehensible decision, the NFL has decided to honor Michael Vick, a former quarterback who tortured and killed dogs for fun, by selecting him to be an honorary captain for the 2020 Pro Bowl game.