The Pet Gazette is a free monthly pet adoption publication that saves homeless pets in our community. These pets come from shelters and rescue organizations that are located in Brevard County Florida. Pictures and descriptions of these pets appear in each issue and are sponsored locally by area businesses and individuals.
It is our goal at The Dog Couch to help place all the pets featured in Pet Gazette, every month, throughout the year. Our research has shown that Pet Gazette does place every featured shelter pet.
Furthermore, each photograph is responsible for the adoption of five additional shelter animals! Pet Gazette is a proven vehicle to save homeless pets and reduce the euthanasia rate in Brevard County.

The Dog Couch is a small, family based company located in Melbourne Florida, which offers quality products at affordable prices for dog owners throughout the country. We also offer in-home boarding and training for dogs of all ages and sizes. As we live in coastal Central Florida, we also offer Hurricane Boarding for those who can not evacuate their pets.

We are strong supporters of the spay and neuter philosophy. Pet overpopulation is a country-wide crises and is completely preventable. Please consider spaying or neutering your pet.

The Dog Couch works closely with The Fur Door pet training company, also located in Melbourne Florida. With our combined knowledge, we not only offer training, but help with finding the right dog for the family, researching breeds, locating rescues, diagnosing problems and helping humans understand their canines, or vise versa.

The Dog Couch does not practice nor support breed discrimination. All breeds are appreciated for their unique qualities. While we realize all breeds are not right for all owners, we support the rights for responsible dog-owners nationwide. We encourage dog owners everywhere to help their pets become good citizens and to make our community more dog friendly. We feel the owner with the tiny Yorkshire Terrier has as much responsibility for training proper manners to their dog as the owner with the Doberman or American Pit Bull Terrier.

We are strong advocates against dog fighting, backyard breeding and puppy mill farms. We encourage dog owners to research puppies before a purchase and discourage anyone from buying a dog from a pet store. Dog fighting is a nation-wide problem and affects the entire community, please report suspicious activities to authorities. True courage is the strength to stand up for what is right and humane.