Chicago animal shelters take in pets from Houston

CHICAGO — Together with animal shelters in Houston confronting overcrowding after Harvey, by opening their doors into Houston pets Chicago is expecting to lend a helping hand.

According to the Chicago Tribune, animal shelters in Chicago will probably be accepting mainly cats and dogs that have been in Houston-area shelters for awhile. In this manner, have a greater probability of devoting their pets and the shelters will have more space for creatures rescued from flood zones.

The Anti-Cruelty Society says it expects to get the first wave of pets prior to the end of the week, and they hope to place animals in homes within the Chicago region.

“We are actively recruiting,” said spokeswoman Colette Bradley. “People are eager to assist and it is so fantastic. Offering up their home is a terrific method to help the pets directly impacted from the storm in Houston.”

Bradley and the remainder of the organization continues to look for more volunteers who can help with transporting the animals from the airport into your shelter’s location at 169 W. Grand Ave, as well as families and individuals who want to know more about caring for bigger dogs.

PAWS Chicago will also be accepting pets as part of their Harvey rescue mission.

For more information regarding how you can help animals affected by Hurricane Harvey, then you may see the Anti-Cruelty Society’s website here¬†¬†along with the PAWS website here.