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Veneer doors look nice, and they are a popular choice for sure. Are there solid wood doors with a veneer surface, or are these going to be composite doors with the veneer on top? That’s a good question. I used to have a solid wood desk that had a veneer top. Cleaning a veneer surface no matter what is going to be a little different than cleaning a solid wood finish. There are also laminate door surfaces and of course other types, too.

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The veneer finishes are often wood themselves of course, but veneer is a thin layer of wood. You can, of course, save money when you buy the doors with a veneer finish, but you need to make sure that you know how to properly care for them. Do you know how to go about cleaning an interior veneer door?

There was a white interior door that I had that I actually messed up at one point of accident. I was using a bleach solution that was too strong and too heavily applied. While the door was white, the bleach dripped down the door and left streaks. I knew the door would have to be painted after that in order to fix it. You don’t want to accidentally mess up a veneer door like that for sure. Portfolio Doors suggest the best tip to clean veneer doors check out the website.

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You often see veneer doors in manufactured homes and the likes, but they can also be interior doors on other properties. If you are looking to get new interior doors for your home, compare veneer doors to other options to see what is best. You might end up going with that option. Again, just make sure that you know how to clean them, and then you will be able to keep them looking very nice for some time to come.