19 puppies rescued from dog rescue Promoting pets

At Irvine, California, a woman faces multiple charges of animal cruelty after supposedly setting up a fake pet rescue business and selling dogs that were too young or sick.

Megan Ann Hoechstetter was arrested on Friday; following the Irvine Police Department stated she offered that a dog that died to a neighborhood family. At least four other dogs sold to households or individuals also have expired.

According to the Irvine Police Department, Hoechstetter, 42, of Seal Beach is imagined managing the “fake” rescue organization Named Pawlosophy and maybe other bogus organizations:

“So she was advertising these animals on the internet and promoting them for hundreds of dollars apiece. She’d find the customers that way, and she would then take these animals and sell them to people in parking lots and public places,” stated police spokesperson Kim Mohr.

Authorities have not determined where the dogs had been came from; at which Hoechstetter was living nevertheless if they entered a hotel in Cypress; 13 puppies were found. Animal Services rescued another six dogs by another site. It is believed Hoechstetter acquired the dogs . It is unknown how many more sick and dying dogs have been sold to households.

All of 19 puppies, who are approximately 8 to 10 months old, are now in the care of the Irvine Animal Care Center and getting treatment.

Authorities said the puppies won’t be available for adoption now due to their delicate health.

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Authorities are reminding everyone interested in acquiring a dog be leery towards any group and to be mindful. Meet the puppy, go to their home where the parents of the puppies can be observed. Socialize with all the dogs. Check for cleanliness and the condition of the puppy’s parents. Request vet records.

In California, it is against the law to sell a dog younger than eight-weeks old. Hoechstetter is currently facing multiple felony and misdemeanor charges. Any victims or people with more information concerning this case are requested to contact Animal Services Supervisor Kim Cherney at 949-724-7091 or kcherney@cityofirvine.org.


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