Companion Animal Psychology: Dogs Sleep Immediately Following a Stressful Experience

Dogs fall asleep quicker but get less deep sleep following a terrible experience in contrast to following a good experience.

Photo: Karen Laventure (Shutterstock)

All of us know the feeling when something awful occurs in the day and we simply can not sleep at night. It turns out that, like people, dogs’ sleep has been affected by poor experiences — however, the effects aren’t quite exactly the same.

While individuals take longer to fall asleep after a lousy day, the dogs fell asleep more quickly after a bad experience than following a good one. This is thought to be a protective reaction to stress. But, like people, dogs didn’t sleep as well after the bad experience, showing their sleep was disturbed.

16 pet dogs participate in the analysis, which took place over 3 phases. The initial session was a clinic one so the dogs could become accustomed to the equipment and being at the lab. In the subsequent two sessions, the puppies had a bad or good experience, followed by 3 hours of sleep. Half of the dogs had the great experience initially followed by the bad experience, and half the puppies had the bad experience followed by good. At least 5 times elapsed between these two visits to the lab.

The great experience was 6 minutes where the puppy was petted every time it moved to the owner, was spoken to well, and played tug or fetch depending which it favored.

The bad experience additionally lasted 6 minutes and also began with the puppy using their leash tied to the wall and have been left alone in the room. After 2 minutes, the owner came back in and dismissed the puppy, but did go stand near it. Then an experimenter arrived and approached the puppy in a threatening way prior to quitting, sitting on the floor, and looking at the puppy for 3 minutes without reacting to it.

After the good or bad experience, the puppy was taken to a different room and ready for the sleep measurements. It took approximately 10 minutes to set on the electrodes for the EEG recordings, and it was achieved in a way reasonably consistent with all the good or bad experience the dog had just had. So the puppy got plenty of petting and pleasant talk while it occurred, or even the experimenter dismissed the puppy as far as they can throughout the process.

During the three hours following the bad experience, the puppies got a mean of 72 minutes sleep and also the duration of a sleep cycle was 56 minutes. After the great experience, the puppies took longer to go to bed, and on average they got 65 minutes sleep with a sleep cycle of 51 minutes.

The different phases of sleep were additionally affected by the puppies’ experiences. After the adverse experience, dogs had a longer duration of REM sleep, that is characterized by rapid eye movements (thus the title). The researchers also had predicted a change in the total amount of REM sleep because it has been associated with emotional processing.

Non-REM sleep was high following the positive experiences. This is when the deepest sleep occurs, so after adverse experiences the puppies got less heavy sleep.

The investigators also found that the puppies’ personalities were connected to how they collaborated together with the proprietor. For example, dogs which were rated as more agreeable and less open hid behind their owner when the experimenter was sitting and considering them at the adverse experience. In turn, a few of the behaviour differences were connected to fluctuations during the sleep cycle.

What this means is that individual differences in how the dogs reacted to the experiences were revealed in changes in their sleep. The scientists suggest further study on this issue, and on connections between welfare and sleep in puppies.

This is the very first time that bad or good experiences are demonstrated to affect how well a puppy sleeps.

The newspaper will be open access and you can read it through the link below.

Kis, A., Gergely, A., Galambos, Á., Abdai, J., Gombos, F., Bódizs, R., and Topál, J. (2017, October). Sleep macrostructure is modulated by negative and positive social knowledge in mature pet puppies. In Proc. R. Soc. B (Vol. 284, No. 1865, p. 20171883). The Royal Society. DOI: 10.1098/rspb.2017.1883

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Tips On Cataract Surgery

As you get older, you might start to notice that your vision doesn’t seem as clear and that things are starting to seem blurry. You might also notice halos around lights at night and find that it is difficult to drive at night. If you start noticing these symptoms, you probably have cataracts. Read on to learn more about cataracts and why you are going to need surgery to remove them.

Cataracts can be a normal part of aging and genetics and diabetes can also cause them to form. The lens of your eye becomes cloudy and cloudier it gets, the harder it is to see. It is like looking through a foggy window and eventually you have to clear away the fog with surgery to be able to see again.

cataract causes

You can correct cataracts with glasses and use more light when you read, but eventually, you are going to need to have surgery because the cataracts are going to start to interfere with your daily activities and make them harder to do. You will have a hard time driving at night and your eyes might start to get sensitive to bright light which can make it uncomfortable to be outdoors.

cataract operation video

You can go for a while without needed any treatment for your cataracts, but eventually, you are going to need surgery. During surgery, the lens of your eye is removed and replaced with a clear artificial lens. This surgery is very safe and you will recover from it quickly. While it seems scary having surgery on your eye, it is actually one of the safer types of surgery around and the complication rate is very low.

If you think you have cataracts you are going to want to visit your eye doctor and get tested. If the cataract is small, your doctor will just keep an eye on it. You can expect your vision to keep changing so you are going to need to get glasses more frequently. Eventually, the glasses won’t be strong enough to correct your vision so you are going to have to get surgery.

Useful advice from The Sight Clinic is that the surgery doesn’t take long and you can expect your eye to fully heal in about two months. You are more likely to get cataracts if you smoke or are obese. High blood pressure can also lead to cataracts. There is no cure for cataracts so your best defense is to have regular eye examinations.

cure for cataracts without surgery

Eating a healthy diet can help reduce your risk and make sure that you eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables because they contain nutrients that can help your eye health. You want to keep your eyes as healthy as possible and you should always take good care of them so you don’t start to experience issues with them. Cataracts won’t blind you, but they can make it difficult to see, so if you have them it is important to get them treated and have the surgery if you need it.

Man Faces Animal Cruelty Charges For Neglecting Emaciated Dogs

ROCHESTER (CBS) — it is a sight even veteran eyes in the Animal Rescue League haven’t seen too often. Two-year-old Bentley, a pitbull mix, so emaciated his ribs and backbone are all showing. His companion, a nine-year-old mastiff named Ace, is in better condition but still malnourished.

“It’s shocking, when I watched them for the very first time I was shocked,” ARL spokesman Michael DeFina.

The puppies were rescued from a house in Rochester on Wednesday, their conditions even worse just two weeks ago. They were noticed through the front door by an alert Eversource worker who was in the house to shut off the utilities because the owner was moving.

“It broke my heart,” said Susan Sweeney of all Eversource. “The poor dogs were happy to see a person which made me think they were left there.”

Sweeney claims when she went to the doorway, she could see the puppies in a delicate state. Happy to watch.

bentley 1 Man Faces Animal Cruelty Charges For Neglecting Emaciated Dogs

Bentley, a 2-year-old pitbull mixthat was found emaciated within a vacant residence. (Rochester Police Department photo)

“I looked in and he had been really friendly,” Sweeney said. “He was wagging his tail”

She immediately called authorities.

“We discovered inside of the home was filled with animal waste, a lot of dog urine and feces. There were a few bowls but no food or water was available,” said Rochester authorities Sergeant Robert Small.

Police were able to track the owner down 33-year-old Tyrone Mendes, they state confessed he had fallen on tough times, the puppies were neglected as a result.

tyrone mendes Man Faces Animal Cruelty Charges For Neglecting Emaciated Dogs

Tyrone Mendes faces animal cruelty charges. (Rochester Police Department photo)

“He stated he did not have cash to care for the dogs properly. It’s too bad he had not reached out for assistance,” said Sgt. Small.

Bentley weighs just 20 lbs, though rescuers say this time a year ago he was 30 pounds heavier, so an indication of the injury he’s suffered. There was also discoloration on his head and about the ears which they think is the result of fighting over scraps of food with Ace.

Even though Mendes faces animal cruelty charges, the puppies face over malnourishment. “When they came here they had a lot of anxiety and nervousness,” said DeFina.

The goal today is to ease this anxiety, restore the puppies to wellness, and find them loving new owners.

Mendes is going to be summonsed to court at a subsequent date to manage the charges.

WBZ-TV’s Beth Germano and Gary Brode contributed to the report.

Doorway is opened by animal shelter to homeless Individuals’ cold pets

With overnight temperatures in Little Rock projected to move as much as 12 degrees the weekend, the town hopes to cut back on the amount of homeless people who opt to remain on the streets from fear of abandoning their own pets.

Shelters in the city don’t allow animals.

Some homeless people say that the companionship of a pet is the thing that keeps them going each day, plus they aren’t inclined to give that up. It is a common reason given for why folks won’t visit immediately shelters.

That is the reason Tracy Roark, director of Little Rock Animal Village, is offering to house the pets of homeless individuals till the weather warms.

“We just want to make sure that, No. 1, individuals are using the heating channels and shelters, but as a animal person and as the animal side of the city, we stress about the creatures and want to make sure they’re well cared for and receive what they want,” Roark said.

The city’s Animal Village will house the critters, vaccinate them whenever they aren’t up on shots and look after any other medical needs.

“We have obtained a vet on staff, therefore it doesn’t cost anything. We’ve got donations from those that want to look after a lot of the things like ripped toenails, or even though it had a broken bone. It doesn’t cost anything additional to do all that stuff, so we’ll look after everything,” Roark said.

Animal Village has been supplying the support during chilly weather for a couple years. Last winter, the town did not undergo a major cold period, but a couple folks took advantage of the free home for their pets the year earlier, Roark said.

This season the town set out the term in a press release. As long as the temperatures reach the low 20s or below, Animal Village will give the service.

Little Rock is making four community facilities accessible from 9 a.m. to 6 pm as heating channels where people are able to get off the roads and from the cold. Foot and arm warmers, in addition to water and snacks, will be offered.

The shelters would be the Dunbar centre at 1001 W. 16th St., also the East Little Rock centre at 2500 E. Sixth St., the Southwest centre at 6401 Baseline Road and the West Central centre at 4521 John Barrow Road.

“We want to not only be a terrific town, but a terrific community, one where folks search for each other — especially the most vulnerable among us,” Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola stated.

Since the critters of people without houses are vulnerable to the arctic weather, Animal Village will react to calls for support for animals in need of shelter during regular business hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If a homeless person arrives at a shelter and needs to have a puppy picked up, he can contact city staff members at -LRB-501-RRB- 376-3067 or at -LRB-501-RRB- 371-4829, the press release stated.

Any pet that is sheltered for a homeless person at Animal Village is going to soon be returned to its owner once the temperature rises.

Chris Porter, the city’s homeless-services urge, can be reached in his office at -LRB-501-RRB- 379-1596 or by email at for advice about other providers, such as 24-hour shelters that are readily available.

The city’s Jericho Way Day Resource Center is open 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. during the nighttime, providing meals and other providers, for example help with getting identifications or getting in to shelters. The middle, at 3000 Springer Blvd., can be contacted at -LRB-501-RRB- 916-9859.

In addition to the services furnished by the town, The Van, a nonprofit homeless-advocacy team, has been launching two pet-friendly shelters from seven p.m. to seven a.m. during chilly weather at 2BC-A Different sort of Baptist Church and Levy Church. Transportation is available.

“If somebody needs within at night in this cold snap, then there’s space and transportation accessible,” The Van Executive Director Aaron Reddin wrote on his Facebook page. “We [The Van] have 2 emergency shelters available. No cash or ID required. Pet friendly. Nobody has been turned away and we’re never too full to accept individuals. We can place men and women in our warehouse if we have to. Just call us 501-955-3444 and we’ll get ’em in whenever they are prepared.”

Reddin later posted the group’s shelters are anticipated to shut tonight but burst Saturday and into next week because temperatures are predicted to stay in the teens overnight.

Pets for adoption in Aiken County Animal Shelter (11.30.17)

Roy is super sweet, great with other animals and gentle as could be! He is available for only $35!

Paulina is a sweet woman. She has had a hard time and deserves a home in the lap of luxury! Her adoption fee is only $35!

2 year-old Carole is cute as a button and also super sweet! She could be yours for only $35!

Spock is a beautiful kitty searching for a forever home. Just $10 to adopt!

Marley: This handsome boy walks great on leash and loves his dog bed! He is available for only $35!

Kelbie is a year and a half and searching for a loving home! She could be yours for only $35!

Pretty lady Bella is a true love! She could be yours for only $10!

Dainty Marielle is really cute – look at those ears! Her adoption fee is only $35

Magnolia is 3 years old and such a snuggler! Her adoption fee is only $35!

Vernon is one year old, tall, dark, and handsome, adoring and best at playing fetch! He could be yours for only $35!